Arson suspected in Bellwood Rd fire, Nambucca Heads

A fire in bushland between Bellwood Rd and Marshall Way last night marks the third blaze in under a week in Nambucca Heads.

All three fires are being treated as suspicious.

The first was at the Nambucca Headland over the weekend. On Wednesday evening a small fire was started in the flying fox rainforest. And then last night, a large grass fire was spotted along Bellwood Rd.

By the time fire crews arrived that blaze was already 300 metres in length.

It was too big, too fast, for it to be anything other than arson.

Nambucca Heads Fire and Rescue Captain Rob Couchman

Nambucca Heads Fire and Rescue was first on the scene last night at midnight, but quickly determined the inferno was too large for their crew to handle alone.

The call for more boots on the ground resulted in crews from Valla Beach RFS, Valla Rural Fire Brigade, Fire and Rescue Macksville, Fire and Rescue Urunga, Newee Creek RFS Brigade and Nambucca Headquarters RFS responding; around 30 firefighters in total.

The crews used the good conditions to backburn and impede any further breakouts this season.

The fire was extinguished by 3am.

Captain Rob Couchman is concerned about the "spate" of fires occurring at the moment.

"Whenever someone lights a fire like that, it puts people at risk. And it puts a drain on resources that could potentially be used in other emergency situations," he said.

Fire and Rescue Nambucca Heads is looking for new members to join their team. If you are fit and have the ability to respond during the day, from 7am to 4pm, contact Nambucca Fire Brigade on 6568 6346 for more information.

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