Ballarat man injured by axe at Sydney medieval festival

Source: Ballarat Medieval Combat Facebook
Source: Ballarat Medieval Combat Facebook

A Ballarat man fighting in a historical medieval combat competition was concussed by an axe during the fight.

Contrary to media reports, his helmet was not split open, according to the Ballarat Medieval Combat Club.

"We as a club want to clarify what happened to Mitch today at Winterfest Medieval Faire," the statement on Facebook reads.

"There has been dozens of news reports sharing dangerous and sensationalised misinformation. The footage below shows what really happened, recorded by our team today.

"No helmet penetration, no continual hitting and definitely no jousting. A head hit and concussion.

"Mitch is now stable and recovering.

"Thank you to the fantastic medical personnel who acted promptly to assist Mitch."

SEE THE INCIDENT - source: Ballarat Medieval Combat

The man, Mitch Toohey, 21, was fighting at Winterfest Sydney's team combat battle.

He was flown to Westmead Hospital in a stable condition, according to the ABC.

Captain and club president Chris Fogwill said he was recovering well.

"There was a hairline fracture in his skull - it was a serious injury and the medics on-site were there instantly," he said.

"His helmet was not penetrated or pierced, though there was a cut to the back of his head.

"There's a lot of safety standards, and marshals inspect the equipment before each match.

"The injury's the equivalent to someone playing footy, and taking a knee during a tackle - it is a full contact sport, but all care is taken."

Mr Toohey had previously represented Australia at an international historical medieval battle tournament in May, he added.

"I know the guy, he will (get back) as soon as he can, it'll be harder keeping him out of the saddle before he's fully healed," Mr Fogwill said.

"We'll make sure there's a full medical clearance, it'll probably be three months before he fights again.

"In the mean time, he'll help out in a support role, and as a marshal."

Apart from the accident, Mr Fogwill said it had been a successful tournament for the Ballarat team.