Nambucca Valley parking prowess on parade in new satirical social media page

Nambucca Valley parking prowess on parade

A simple photo of an illegal parking job on a popular local social media page recently caused such a hubbub that it inspired one of the Valley's latent satirical talents to get crafty.

Enter the fray of your newsfeed, 'Legends of Parking: Nambucca Valley'.

"It wasn't so much the post but the comments underneath that inspired me...mainly the helpful people taking time out of their busy day to tell the original poster to 'get a life'," the page admin - who prefers to remain anonymous for intrigue - said.

"That very night, as I wedged my Subaru into a marked space at approx. 75 degrees to the kerb, I thought 'this phenomenon needs celebrating'."

And who doesn't love a good 'FAIL'. Even as a six-year-old I remember my 'heroin' being that bastion of tv schadenfreude - 'Australia's Funniest Home Videos'.

So addicted to others' misfortunes were we, that Graham Kennedy's baby ran for a quarter of a century., one of the biggest compendiums of fail vids and pics on the interwebs, has recognised their content's therapeutic benefit with the motto: 'Helping you feel better about yourself everyday'.

In one sense, pages like 'Legends of Parking' serve as a cathartic counterpoint on social media, where selective selfies and self-aggrandising sentiment reign supreme.

Since the page was created less than a week ago, it has attracted 160 followers; "so it's not like we are viral, more a slight temperature and nagging headache".

And it's clearly meant to be taken with a grain (or shaker) of salt.

"I mock everything. Literally everything. My inability to take anything seriously has led me to achieving very little with my life but I am comfortable with this," admin said.

"It's early days but indications are that people generally get the joke, I guess. And it is meant to be a joke.

"As the old saying goes 'Let he who is without sin...etc.' I will probably have to post a photo of my own work at some stage."

Same, to be honest.

The distribution of parking 'legends' is fairly consistent across towns in the Valley, according to admin.

Let's face it, anyone in charge of a motor vehicle has a legend inside them, only a select few choose to unleash them in public.

And while everyone is fair game, there have already been occasions when admin has chosen to exercise discretion.

"Just yesterday a Victorian-registered Ford Ranger managed to ruin two other spots with a work of genius in the Nambucca Plaza carpark. Just as I was about to capture the moment a lovely old lady with a shopping trolley showed up and started loading into it. I couldn't be so brazen as to continue but did quietly admire her 'When in Rome' attitude," admin said.

With seemingly no end to the examples of parking artistry that grace our carparks shire-wide, admin might just have bitten off more than they can chew.

"There will be two things that ensure this page stays around for a while - people sending in their photos and me being able to maintain the appropriate level of snide commentary. I reckon we'll see it out until the end of winter at least," they said.

Go well, good sir.

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