Nambucca Library's extension plans not yet drawn

Planning for the extension of Nambucca's library is still in its early stage

Over recent weeks the Guardian News has received quite a few letters about the proposed extension of the Nambucca Heads Library.

The spirit of many of these is fear about the loss of the courtyard space between the large and small halls used by the Nambucca Valley Arts Council.

This response has been based on a 2017 plan designed by architect Alan Rudge, which was done within a three week window to fulfill the criteria of a grant application.

Nambucca Council's General Manager, Michael Coulter, said due to the tight time frame, there was little opportunity for community consultation back then.

"That plan was only ever for the purpose of the grant ... there was never any commitment that we would build that," Mr Coulter said.

"In April this year we established a Project Control Group and their role is create a brief for an architect experienced in library needs.

"Everyone is getting ahead of themselves - we are not up to the stage of community consultation yet, as we don't even have a plan."

Mr Coulter said the project should not be seen as "an us (arts council) and them (library) scenario".

"There are so many synergies between the arts and libraries, especially these days when libraries host, for example, travelling exhibitions.

"The new library will provide shared storage space plus more meeting facilities ... this project should be a win for everyone."

He said feedback already received was of course appreciated, highlighting the need, for example, of disabled access to the large hall.

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