Two separate house fires in Allgomera overnight

Supt Ison said it's never ok to step away from an active fire.
Supt Ison said it's never ok to step away from an active fire.

Two fires broke out in Allgomera yesterday destroying cars and sheds in their wake.

NSW RFS Lower North Coast Superintendent Lachlann Ison said his RFS crews were kept busy yesterday with several fires down in Kempsey and the two call outs for structural fires in Allgomera.

The first call came at 3.45pm for a house on Allgomera Rd, but the flames - which Supt Ison said looked to have been sparked from an unattended fireplace - were mostly extinguished by the time RFS and local Fire and Rescue crews arrived.

Noone was injured and there was only minor damage to the house.

The second call came in over the comms not two hours later and for a property just five kilometres down the road.

RFS and Fire and Rescue crews arrived on the scene to find a peripheral building and garage containing two cars caught in a roaring blaze.

Supt Ison said it was "very unusual" for two fires to occur so close in time and place to one another but said they were "not associated in any way".

"I guess you'd call it a coincidence," he said.

The cause of the second fire is yet to be determined but there is a strong likelihood it was caused by an electrical fault.

Noone was injured in that fire either, although the two cars and buildings were destroyed.

With the recent cold snap, Supt Ison urged locals to ensure equipment is properly maintained and to always keep an eye on active fires.

While the wet weather looks set to continue through the week, the previously dry conditions and ongoing windy conditions have the potential to wreak havoc this Winter in the absence of vigilance over outdoor burns.

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