Married At First Sight's Nasser Sultan returns to Valla Beach

READY FOR ANYTHING: Nasser Sultan is keen for the rest of 2019

READY FOR ANYTHING: Nasser Sultan is keen for the rest of 2019

NASSER Sultan made his name after being broadcast into homes around Australia on the reality television show Married At First Sight (MAFS), but now the Sydney based personal trainer is looking to take his media career to the next level.

"I've just finished filming a new show, that is due out later this year, and I have been entertaining offers from networks both here and overseas, I couldn't find love locally, so I've gone international," he said.

"I'm also thinking about making my own show; I would love to have a radio show, or a talk show, 'Late Night With Nass'.

"There is definitely a market for good honest people who say what they think; viewers are over all the fake rehashed shows. If TV wants to compete with streaming services, then it needs to get rid of all the old tired formats, think outside the box."

It has been a wild ride since his days on the hit television show, and while the experience wasn't everything he expected, Nasser is happy for taking the chance.

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"I tried regular dating, internet dating, all of that, and then I thought, why not let someone else deal with it, they are supposed to be dating experts; they can find me a partner," he said.

"These shows are not made to meet someone though; they are more about drama. Everything was heavily edited, and we had to endure 12 hours of filming a day, all for only $150 a day, that was for food, rent, shopping, everything.

"I've been fortunate with it though; I'm the only guy from MAFS to make it onto all three major channels, Seven, Nine and Ten, Season 5, our season, we exploded it, we set the standard for TV."

ANYTHING FOR FAMILY: Nasser returns to Valla Beach frequently to visit family

ANYTHING FOR FAMILY: Nasser returns to Valla Beach frequently to visit family

Aside from furthering his career prospects, the former reality television contestant tries to visit Valla Beach every chance he gets.

"I love Valla Beach it's beautiful, the community is great, I come back whenever I can, to see my family, we have BBQ, and I go surfing, " Nasser said.

While Nasser has his sights set on a future career, it hasn't all been smooth sailing; there have been a few bumps along the way.

"I've been getting some hate since the show, threats, nasty messages, some people don't realise that the way I was portrayed on the show, isn't real, it's not how I am, " Nasser said.

"It bothered me at first, but it doesn't any more. Bring it on haters; if you have the time to sit there and make fake social media accounts just try and get to me, you need to get a life, you're just jealous."

The year is half gone, but Nasser insists that he is still on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities.

"I can do parties, weddings; I like to make people laugh and make sure they have a good time if there are any takers out there looking to get a top-notch entertainer, be sure to get in touch soon," he said.

"I love helping people; I feed the homeless once a fortnight with a group 'Plate for a mate'."

Keep an eye out for Nasser Sultan in his upcoming shows or on his Instagram @official_nasser_sultan.

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