The 2019 Mid North Coast Police District awards highlight outstanding officers in our community

Mid North Coast police officers have been recognised for their dedication to the region at the 2019 Mid North Coast Police District Awards.

Taking out the top awards were James Byrne receiving the Community Police Officer of the Year award, Luke Love receiving the Peer Police Officer of the Year award and Christopher Hardwick receiving the Police Officer of the Year Leadership Award.

All three men were praised for their efforts to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure community safety and the safety of their fellow officers.

A leadership award was added to the ceremony for this first time in 2019 after realising the importance of acknowledging officers who take on leadership roles.

Mr Hardwick was acknowledged as the inaugural winner after 25 years of service to the community.

Mr Hardwick has performed general and specialised duties in metropolitan Sydney and in rural areas around the state. He has been on the Mid North Coast since 2007, first in Kempsey and then in Port Macquarie since 2011.

"Leadership to me is setting a good example for everyone around me and ensuring all staff and officers feel supported," Mr Hardwick said.

"I am honoured to be recognised for the work I do everyday and I work with a great group of people."

Mr Byrne has spent the majority of his policing career on the Mid North Coast based in Kempsey strengthening the connections between police and the local community.

Working particularly in the South West Rocks area he has done this through involvement in various sporting groups and interactions with the community both on and off duty.

"I am very honoured to be awarded the community award and I pride myself on treating the people I speak to the way I would want to be spoken to," Mr Byrne said.

Mr Love received his award after being nominated by his peers. Mr Love was praised for his work and since beginning on the Mid North Coast more than two years ago there has been a notable reduction in crime due to his efforts.

The award noted his aptitude for identifying offenders, crime trends and suspect vehicles which has resulted in consistently high rates of arresting offenders and taking action against them.

"In my role I enjoy taking a proactive approach to crime in the community to ensure the safety of our community," Mr Love said.

Mid North Coast Police District Commander Superintendent Paul Fehon said all the award recipients should be commended on their hard work and dedication to the community.

"This proud ceremony recognises the special achievements and significant accomplishments of many staff across the Mid North Coast Police District," Superintendent Fehon said.

"Today we are presenting medals and awards which honour officers and staff for their dedication and ethical service during their policing careers.

"These medals and awards are important recognition for many years of policing and something that recipients should be justifiably proud of."

Superintendent Fehon also said the awards were a chance to acknowledge the connections police make with other organisations.

"Today is also about recognising the tremendous support of the community through partnerships with other agencies predominately to educate the adults of tomorrow on the dangers of drugs.

"The most significant aspect of today is that all of our recipients have demonstrated a commitment to protecting the community of New South Wales and in making their community safer."

2019 Mid North Coast Police District Awards

National Police Service Medal

Sgt Robert Holstein

Snr Cst Daryl Connor

Snr Cst Taya Bailey

Snr Cst Timothy Eggert

Former officer Ronald Kennedy

National Medal

Snr Cst Daryl Connor

Snr Cst Taya Bailey

Snr Cst Timothy Eggert

1st Clasp to National Medal

Snr Cst Michael Atkins

NSW Police Medal

Snr Cst John Harpley

Snr Cst Kendall Burrows

Snr Cst Andrew Harris

Det Snr Cst Anthony Ridgeway

4th Clasp Police Medal

Snr Cst Ruth Handley

Snr Cst Steven Kendal

Snr Cst Gary Bates

3rd Clasp Police Medal

Sgt Belinda Dalzell

Snr Cst Michael Atkins

1st Clasp Police Medal

Snr Cst Daryl Connor

Snr Cst Taya Bailey

Snr Cst Timothy Eggert

Certificate of Service

Former Sgt Peter Dawson

State Crime Command Commander's Commendation

Det Snr Cst Timothy Browne

Mid North Coast Police District Commander's Commendation

Sgt Elisha Campbell

Snr Cst Steven Jeffery

Mr David Frederick

Volunteer in Policing Certificate of Recognition

Carol Chandler