Autumn Lodge holds 30 year reunion at Macksville Ex-services Club | Photos

Macksville Ex-services Club recently hosted over 140 staff and residents for the Autumn Lodge 30 year reunion, celebrating the time between the lodges opening in 1978 and 2008. The festivities kicked off in the morning and continued well into the evening.

"The club said it was like listening to a gaggle of geese," organiser Faye Lawson said.

"We started setting up in the morning for an 11am start, but people were keen and wanted to start before we were ready, they started walking in well before 11, it was an absolutely amazing day."

The room was filled to bursting, as old friends caught up, sang songs and talked about the good old days.

"I've never heard so many renditions of 'Simply The Best' sung in my life, they would have gone all night if they could. When the club started to close, there were plenty who didn't want to leave," Faye said.

People came from far and wide for the reunion, Ex and current staff, residents, and the original CEO John Golding.

"They came from Sydney, Newcastle, Queensland, all over, there was one lady who would have driven over 3000 km to get here," Faye said.

"We had some of the original staff as well; they've been working at Autumn Lodge for 38 years."

By all the accounts, the event was a success, and while it took the hard work of a lot of different people, Faye insists two in particular were the standouts.

"A few of us had the idea for the reunion, so we all got together and formed a committee, Cath Fallon and Edith Chapman were responsible for the bulk of the work though, they were tireless," she said.

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