Burrapine's history lives on at the Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage

BURRAPINE HISTORY: John Wood holds the original handle next to the new ones
BURRAPINE HISTORY: John Wood holds the original handle next to the new ones

It was born in a makeshift forge in Burrapine more than 100 years ago ... and Macksville's John Wood remembers it's maker, Hugh McKay.

Mr McKay is long gone and John is not getting any younger but this horse-drawn scuffler has received a whole new lease on life thanks to the magnificent restoration job done by Brian Toby and Richard Coumbe.

"We lived next door to the McKays and I remember we used to borrow this scuffler to scuffle the weeds between our rows of corn and potatoes.

"I was only a young fella but I used to run along behind my father when he was out in the paddock. We had a draught horse called Pug, who pulled it along."

John draws attention to the incredible ability of its original maker ...

"Mr McKay had limited tools and materials - if you look closely you can see that main chassis is made of old metal dray tyres carefully forged into shape.

"The rounded edge is evidence of the many miles the tyres travelled on gravel roads before being recycled."

That the scuffler still lives in the valley is thanks to John's foresight.

"The McKays were pioneers of the Taylors Arm and Bowraville districts - they were involved in the mining, dairying and timber industries.

"When the McKay family farm was sold back in the 70s, things were being distributed ... I realised the value of the scuffler and organised for it to be brought to Mary Boulton's Pioneer Cottage for display.

"My attachment to it is also personal - I grew up with it."

All these years later it has finally been restored - and will return to its home at the Pioneer Cottage for all to enjoy.