Bello Winter Music LeaF Learning Festival 2019

Edible Weeds Walk. Photo Greyrose Photographics
Edible Weeds Walk. Photo Greyrose Photographics

At Bello Winter Music you can get down on the dancefloor as well as get outdoors and learn about ways to help our planet.

Bello LeaF Learning Festival is a mini eco-focused festival that runs alongside the main music program, created in partnership with the Bellingen Shire Learning Alliance.

Learn how to make your own plastic free products, munch your way along a guided Edible Weeds Walk, learn some of the local Gumbaynggirr language or join a Climate Action Flash Mob. Bello LeaF workshops, walks and activities have something to offer curious minds of all ages.

Land and Language workshop

Land and Language workshop

"The Bello LeaF learning festival has been dancing alongside Bello Winter Music for five years now, and we have loved every minute of it," Lisa Siegel of the Bellingen Shire Learning Alliance said. "The theme of this year's Bello LeaF is 'Re-Storying Our Planet' because we think it's crucial to share more positive, life-affirming stories."

"The Bello LeaF program covers an inspiring array of eco-topics and is facilitated by passionate local presenters from 12 different organisations. This year we're bringing back favourites like the 'Plastic Free Products Workshop' and 'Edible Weeds Walk' but we are also looking forward to some pretty special new events like a Climate Action Flash Mob!"

Bello LeaF events are free for festival ticket holders and are available to non-ticket holders by donation on the day. Registration is recommended for popular Bello LeaF events.

Visit the BSLA/CCRSH Tent in the Market Park to learn more about LeaF events and affiliate groups. Full Bello LeaF program at

Re-usable Cups at Festival Bar

The Festival Bar will be serving drinks in re-usable cups. Patrons purchase the cup as part of the drink price and can use the cup throughout the festival.

Reusable cups at Festival Bar. Photo Bruce Jacups

Reusable cups at Festival Bar. Photo Bruce Jacups

Bello LeaF Program Highlights 

Climate Action Flash Mob rehearsal

Get your planet-loving boogie boots on and come be part of a fun flash mob to share the message that Climate Change is real and here and needs to be addressed immediately. No dance experience required, all ages welcome! The Flash Mob performance will pop up at a surprise time and location during the festival!

Edible Weeds Walk

Join us for an exploration into the world of weeds. Often disliked and overlooked, these plants are a treasure trove of food and medicines. Damian Harrison from Chamomile Naturopathy will help you identify useful local weeds and their culinary and medicinal possibilities. We will engage the senses as we touch, taste, and smell plants and products that will help you use this knowledge in your daily life.

A Carbon-free Energy Future

Come hear from local people who are taking control of their own electricity supply, usage and transportation needs for an affordable and carbon free energy future. We will explore the latest opportunities towards zero emissions in solar, electric vehicles (EV), battery storage and the potential to redistribute power locally. Scientists and industry specialists will share the science on the latest energy innovations and what options there are for community participation.

Land and Language

The language, stories and cultural practices of indigenous people have sustained this land since the dawn of time. Modern science confirms the value of these cultural practices in maintaining the health of people and country. These are the pathways to a truly sustainable future. Join Gumbaynggirr language teacher Uncle Michael "Micklo" Jarrett and local ecologist Mark Graham for a conversation exploring the language and stories about local flora and fauna and the connection between modern science and the known benefits of traditional cultural practices.

DIY Plastic Free Personal Products

Plastic packaging is taking over the planet! And the personal products contained within are often a cocktail of chemicals, which can be harmful to ourselves, our children and the planet. Donna Sowman and Alison Heeley will teach you how to easily create your own plastic-free personal products, such as toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm, using natural, simple ingredients at a fraction of the price!

For full Bello LeaF Learning Festival Program and details visit

About Bello Winter Music

Bello Winter Music (July 11- 14) is a small, family-friendly event that takes over the streets, cafes and halls of Bellingen. This year's line-up of more than 70 acts includes Tammi Savoy and The Chris Casello Combo (US), Vaudeville Smash, Leah Flanagan, Horns of Leroy, The Mamas, Hein Cooper, Captain Dreamboat, Karen Lee Andrews and much much more. Bello Winter Music is the love-child of Spring's Mullum Music Festival and has sold out each year so book early.