How Ruth Meads of the Christian Democratic Party received over 2000 votes

The invisible candidate who received over 2000 votes

Christian Democratic Party Cowper candidate Ruth Meads achieved just over 2000 votes without campaigning an iota.

In fact when voters went to the ballot box nobody had seen Ms Mead's face nor did they know anything about her.

She declined all media requests and did not attend any Meet the Candidates forums.

Ms Meads was described by the CDP as an "inactive candidate who wishes to remain private".

The party hoped votes in the Lower House would remind voters of the party and result in votes for lead senate candidate Silvana Nile.

Crucially for the party, Ms Meads scored top spot on the ballot paper.

CDP Senate candidate Annie Wright said the party was happy with the Cowper result.

"We have over the years had many active candidates running in the Cowper area so we wanted to give voters the opportunity to vote for CDP being a truly conservative party," Ms Wright said.

"We are grateful candidates put their name up to run, and of course we prefer active candidates as I have run three times myself (for Manly and Mackellar) and I know what's involved.

"However, I respect that Ruth wasn't in a position for her own personal reasons to be an active candidate and as I stated earlier having no CDP Candidate for Cowper would have given no opportunity for voters."

The current count in Cowper. PHOTO: Australian Electoral Commission.

The current count in Cowper. PHOTO: Australian Electoral Commission.

The party is still in the running for a NSW Senate spot.

"We will know in a few weeks after pre-polling counting whether lead candidate Silvana Nile is successful," Ms Wright said.

Mr Wright said the party was thrilled with the national result.

"We have been praying for this result.

"Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a good man and a very capable statesman to run this country.

"We gave our preferences to the Coalition."

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