Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) reminder to residents living in urban areas of Nambucca Heads, Macksville and Bowraville

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is residents living in urban areas of Nambucca Heads, Macksville and Bowraville that a fire permit to light fires at any time of the year are still required.

FRNSW Macksville Captain David Brunsdon said residents living within town boundaries must comply with a different set of regulations than people living on rural properties.

"Most local councils on the Mid North Coast have a 'no burn policy' under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010. This is a year-round requirement for urban areas and is not influenced by the end of the Bushfire Danger Period," Captain Brunsdon said.

Captain Brunsdon said residents wishing to burn off green waste in urban areas first need to obtain approval from their local council, before obtaining a fire permit from their nearest FRNSW fire station.

"Residents are provided with green bins for the removal of clippings and green waste, so there should be minimal need to burn off waste in urban areas.

"However residents can apply to Council to burn dry vegetation by filling out the Control of Burning application form and paying a $180 application fee.

"People are permitted to have a wood-fired barbecue and recreational fires for heating, provided they use dry seasoned timber to minimise smoke.

"Importantly people are not permitted to burn domestic waste in urban areas where a garbage service is available. Burning rubbish causes smoke, a foul odour and is bad for the environment.

Captain Brunsdon warned that FRNSW firefighters could extinguish any unauthorised fires in urban areas and councils could issue fines to offenders.

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