A royal honeymoon in Seminyak

I have written about Bali previously over the years and expressed the many different moods and emotions that it has always bestowed upon me.

When you combine its magnificent mountains, rugged coastlines, volcanic hillsides, and black sandy beaches, with the beautiful spirit of the Balinese locals it's no surprise I have always left feeling more coupled to the universe than when I arrived.

My mission on this particular sojourn was one that would keep me closer to the action zone of Bali as I ran the rule over a possible honeymoon venue for my upcoming nuptials!

The plan is to immerse ourselves in the Hindu spirit with a traditional Balinese Ceremony at Hotel Komune on the east coast and then spend a few days in Seminyak and celebrate.

My wife-to-be loves it there and I do understand why. It's not my preferred Bali destination, but it has all the fashionable shops and cool bars and chic restaurants that we don't often frequent at home. Think Bondi Beach and the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, just replace the activewear with bikinis and the budgie smugglers with European style bathers and board shorts. It certainly has a more sophisticated clientele than say, Kuta and Legian.

Bali sunsets are just superlative so we definitely wanted a beach front property. We didn't want to be in one of those massive resorts that can become a little frantic and overrun with those smaller humans, and we were also after somewhere that wasn't too uber modern that would be void of that special Balinese architecture and spirit.

Once again, I went searching with a tried and true performer that has rarely ever failed me. Accor hotels have an ever-growing collection of properties offering such a diverse range of accommodation choices so I knew there would be one just perfect for me to impress my betrothed.

The Royal Beach Seminyak, which was once the grand and luxurious Sofitel Seminyak, ticked all the aforementioned requirements and I was more than happy to give it a little test drive before the real deal.

Its position is just impeccable, beachfront and pretty much smack bang in the middle a short walk along the sand to the well know Double Six and Seminyak Beaches. Its layout consists of 125 hotel-style rooms and 17 luxury villas set amongst an outstanding 5.4 hectare sprawling tropical garden complete with two swimming pools, a lagoon, mini waterfalls with a friendly family of Asian water Monitors that love to spend their time swimming and lazing in the sun. Quite a sight.

While the resort rooms were inviting enough, I choose to park myself in a villa, knowing that would be the right choice if I wanted the best honeymoon experience. Happy wife, happy life, no strife, don't they say?

Each villa is designed in true Bali style with thatched roof and incredibly spacious internals. Large four poster beds with those romantic trimmings that enhance the ambience. Having your own little oasis is extremely special and I believe the bonus is knowing you have all the facilities of the resort on hand if you choose to engage or you can keep to yourself and venture out only when necessary.

Sun beds by your own private pool with the overhanging flora not only providing a little respite from the sun but also delivering a nice dash of nature and beautification to boot.

There are many terrific dining options along the beachfront and not much beats an ice cold Bintang, bare feet buried in the sand at sunset. Still, you don't have to leave the resort to experience that and more. The Royal Beach has a number of enchanting food and beverage possibilities for you to muse over during your stay and I suggest you do your best to dive deep into them all if you can.

Starting your day at with a massive beach walk will set your mind into guilt-free mode as you contemplate all possible options at breakfast - and there are so many. The grand buffet at Husk is just mind-blowing, in fact, you really shouldn't need lunch if you give it the nudge it deserves.

No matter what your hankering might be, I guarantee it will be fulfilled here. Just let your imagination run wild and beyond; it's all there. Certainly, too much for me to list, but I have to give mention to the mouth-watering crispy bacon and the delectable local juice that is infused with spices that make for a perfect pick me up but also have healing properties as well.

Seriously, allow yourself a couple of hours to graze every morning and then just grab your spot by the pool, get that book out and digest away!

Capris bar and bistro on the beachfront offers something a little different in the way of its cuisine. In saying that, I mean, a little something to tempt everyone. Local nasi dishes, sate campur, lots of Mediterranean styled tapas. Pizza, pasta and some of those standard resort temptations like the good old club sandwich. My suggestion is to live large and indulge yourself with the pork belly baguette with cucumber, coriander, jicama, chili and mint.

If you like a little entertainment with you fare you can always head to the popular teppanyaki restaurant and watch these master chefs put on a show that includes fine food, head high flames and a touch of patron participation. Always a fun night.

Before I wrap this one up, I do have to make special mention of the staff here. The Balinese are beautiful people no doubt, but the team here exude all that is good about these individuals.

Never-ending smiles, happy to assist at any time and always keen to engage, interact and learn a little more English at the same time and I just love that, as I always want to absorb more of their culture and language in return!

I don't expect to see the real royals relaxing poolside anytime soon, but if you want to be treated like one yourself then you should pack your tiara and royal robe and visit Royal Beach Seminyak.

"Good news my betrothed" - Honeymoon, here we come.

  • Scott was a guest of Accor.
  • Scott McRae is The Travelling Guy (www.thetravellingguy.com). Follow @scottythetravellingguy on Instagram and Facebook.