"Average" Cowper voter Stephen Anderson shares his thoughts on the election campaign so far

Stephen Anderson at the bowling club in Port Macquarie
Stephen Anderson at the bowling club in Port Macquarie

Sixty-four-year-old Stephen Anderson is pretty cynical about the state of politics in Australia.

Mr Anderson moved to Port Macquarie six weeks ago from the Gold Coast because of the better weather and beaches.

The former cameraman doesn't like either of the major parties.

"They are all just as bad as each other," Mr Anderson said.

"I don't trust any of them, I don't trust either of the major parties."

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics census data, Mr Anderson is considered to fit the profile of an average voter in the electorate of Cowper.

He is between 50-64 years of age, owns his own home with an education level of Year 12 or equivalent.

Mr Anderson said he is most concerned about a "fair go for pensioners and also issues around health and education".

"I would like to see a rise in money for pensioners," he said.

At a local level Mr Anderson said he likes Patrick Conaghan but is likely to vote for Labor's Andrew Woodward because he feels the Coalition supports the "big end of town".

"I don't like all this giving money away to the banks, tax brackets to the top end of town, it is more about the average Joe Blow," he said.

Mr Anderson said he wouldn't vote for high profile Independent Rob Oakeshott.

"I wouldn't vote for Oakeshott on past performances."

Their are eight candidates contesting the federal seat of Cowper on May 18.

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