The Nambucca Valley on Instagram | photos

THROUGH the magic of light and glass, Shaquile Joynson captured this stunning shot where the refreshment receptacle appears to have its warp on.

That's this week's cover shot of your photos shared with us on Instagram.

And what a collection is on offer in this gallery: plenty of ANZAC Day shots as you would expect, while Margaret Lappin revisits a classic dish from the '70s in apricot chicken.

Local gun fisherman Jack Stewart put on his angel face to hook a whopper cod, and there were celebrations by the bucket-load - Tannah's 21st, May's 94th, Joan's 100th and Loren and Chris' wedding.

And suss photo No.2 - a brilliant perspective by James Lander of the V-Wall.

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And in case you missed the snaps from last week, you can catch-up here.

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