Andre Jones began his Run Around Australia for charity on March 10, he was in Macksville on Monday

Run around Australia with a stopover in Macksville

Melbourne's Andre Jones, 57, began his Run Around Australia for charity on March 10 and is aiming to become the first person in history to achieve the feat unassisted by a support vehicle.

He is running to raise funds for four charities - GO Foundation, beyondblue, Royal Flying Doctors and The Smith Family - and stayed in Macksville last night (Monday).

A retired Royal Australian Navy veteran, who ran solo from Melbourne to Darwin in 2017, Andre plans to run an average of more than a marathon a day for about 350 days, all the while pushing a buggy weighing up to 100kg carrying food, water and equipment.

"This is not a race and I'm happy to chat to any traveller willing to say g'day - and even happier to share a few kilometres with runners of all levels," Andre said.

"At 57 I've learnt to listen to my body. With no back-up or support of any kind, when it hurts, I slow down and walk ... there's no point breaking anything, as I'll be doing it all again the next day, the next week, the next month.

"I plan to be doing this for an estimated total of 343 days (assuming reasonable weather and manageable injuries). There is no one with me to cook, set up camp or apply first aid. I'm doing this alone."

Andre plans to run 15134 kms, which is equivalent to more than 358 marathons. This should take about 341 days.

He will stay in 219 towns ... and expects to go through 15 pairs of shoes.

You can donate to Andre's efforts and his chosen charities via his Run Around Australia site.

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