2019 Nambucca Heads Primary School Easter hat parade | photos

Nambucca Heads Primary School had its annual Easter hat parade yesterday. Over 300 children took to the streets to showcase their hand made Easter hats in the tradition that goes back so far; nobody is sure where it originated.

"It's been happening for as long as anyone can remember, forever and ever," assistant principal Leah Miller said.

"At least 30 or more years, I remember participating when I was at school here, it hasn't changed all that much," Deputy principal Kate Battiston said.

The keen youngsters and their teachers left the school and went down the main street performing a loop and then returning to school for Easter raffles. There were dozens of prizes on offer, but the main attraction was the human-sized block of chocolate.

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"It's a lovely school tradition, the school has been around so long it has all these traditions that the town know and love," Ms Miller said.

"The parade is a great social outing, every year we get people ringing up asking when the parade is on, parents set up in the street with their coffees and wait, we get more community turning out each year," Ms Battiston said.

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