Budget 2019: At a glance


Budget surplus - $7.1 billion

Economic growth - 2.75 per cent

Unemployment - 5.0 per cent

Inflation - 2.25 per cent

$158 billion in tax relief for those earning up to $126,000 a year

Tax rate drops to 30 per cent from July 2024 for those earning $45,000-$200,000

Instant asset write-off increased to $30,000 for businesses with turnover up to $50 million

Additional support to financial regulators in the wake of the Banking Royal Commission

80,000 new apprenticeships

Urban Congestion Fund increases four-fold to $4 billion

$2 billion for fast-rail between Melbourne and Geelong

$2.2 billion for safer roads

$1 billion to improve freight routes and access to ports

$6.3 billion in drought support

$3.3 billion for those affected by flood

$3.9 billion Emergency Response Fund for natural disaster recovery efforts

$300 billion for upgrades to libraries, classrooms and play equipment

Scholarship program for 1000 students to study in regional Australia

$453 million to extend pre-school education

$9 billion for science, research and technology

$400 million for genomics research to unlock the secrets of DNA

$80 billion for better access to life-changing equipment, services and medicines

$461 million for youth mental health and suicide prevention strategy

$528 million for a Royal Commission into the mistreatment of people with disability, including counselling and support

$160 million for research to improve the health of Indigenous Australians

$725 million for 10,000 new home care packages

One-off Energy Assistance Payment for pensioners of $75 for singles, $125 for couples

$84 million for carers to leave a loved one in safe hands and take a break

$328 million to fund prevention, response and recovery initiatives

$570 million for the Federal Police and ASIO

Additional $680 million to support service men and women deployed abroad

$3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package including emission reduction activities

$100 million Environment Restoration Fund