Little Big Steps | Starting preschool is a wonderful milestone

All across the Shire, little feet have taken big steps into preschool, but as you see from their smiling faces, the kids are enjoying the start to their school adventures.

Starting preschool is a wonderful milestone for our children. For some, it can be an emotional time, not so much for the children, but for parents and carers who are overwhelmed with pride as their children take the first steps in their school career.

As we all know, the early years of life are the most important for learning. Getting a great start now makes all the difference to how a child will approach "big school" when the time comes to begin formal education.

According to research, there are many benefits for children and families to be gained from preschool.

It says a preschool experience:

  • Empowers children to think, explore, question and learn how to learn;
  • Supports children's intellectual and language development and communication skills;
  • Offers children consistent, experienced, qualified educators to support their learning and development;
  • Improves children's ability to think, problem solve and reason as they enter school, enabling them to learn more in the early grades;
  • Develops emotional maturity.

Kids - Enjoy preschool, time will fly while you are having fun!