Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate

Dean Saul plans to create artificial reefs for Nambucca and South West Rocks

Candidate for the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party for the seat of Oxley, Dean Saul, has announced he will lobby to have two artificial reefs for recreational fisherman installed off the shore of both Nambucca Heads and South West Rocks if elected.

Mr Saul claims the artificial reefs will benefit both local and tourist fishermen.

"It is expected to be an investment of three million dollars for the two locations," Mr Saul said.

"Some of the benefits of artificial Reefs include creating breeding grounds and habitat, for up to 200 species of fish, which will help rebuild the fish population.

Dean Saul

Dean Saul

"By installing these reefs, it will greatly increase the number of fish stocks and potentially assist in the rebuilding of certain species in the Nambucca and Macleay River systems.

"Port Macquarie has an established artificial reef, and it has been a proven success, not only for fish habitat, but for anglers and tourism alike.

"Secondly, improvements to the river entries for both the Nambucca and Macleay River entrances are needed to be funded and made safe for boating and marine purposes.

"As an elected member, I will seek further funding for these important upgrades.

"For too long, both boaters and recreational fishermen have contributed to licences fees and yet of those fees paid, only a small portion has been reinvested back into our fishing and boating community."


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