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IT WAS a ballroom blitz in the skies over the Nambucca Valley late Saturday afternoon and into the evening as the big dry ended with a bang.

A murky dark sky promised much as it crept up on Macksville, and then scooted across the inland unleashing just a little bit of hell – and heavenly rain.

Newee Creek and Missabotti lost power for a couple of hours, as gutters overflowed in the onslaught.

Reports of 31ml at Gumma, 16 at Valla, 22 at Warrell Creek and 46 at Newee Creek had the punters excited on social media.

And fortunately, some of our Instagramers kept their wits about them to photograph the show.

So this week’s gallery of your photos starts off with some snaps of that powerful event.

And, there’s more too. Jai Miller does what he does with some beautiful bass catches in the skinny water, while the Macksville Ex-Services Club will have you salivating with their party feasting platters.

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And in case you missed the snaps from last week, you can catch-up here.

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