Book launch at Nambucca Heads Primary School | Photos

LAST Friday Nambucca Heads Primary School had a book launch showcasing 28 of their student's self-published books. 

The book launch was the inevitable conclusion of the school run program which set them on the path to being authors. Overseen by teacher Marsha Amijee, the stage one students spent two school terms on the task. 

Speaking to the Guardian, Ms Amijee explained the process the children went through from concept to publication. 

“We started with a brainstorming session, it was obvious from the start the students were very confident in what they wanted,” she said. 

“It lasted two school terms and we would meet for an hour a week. There was a lot of work outside of school hours as well. “

“I may have guided them, but it was their story, they decided the topic, wrote it and found the images. In some cases, students did their own illustrations.”

I was so impressed with the quality of the work they produced.

Marsha Amijee

Topics included books about the Earth, Snow Bunnies, animals, Ancient Egypt, factual,  and more specialised topics like creative stories and a comic book. All 28 books were put on display where they could be enjoyed by attendees, which included proud parents and grandparents. 

“I was so impressed with the quality of the work they produced, if they are publishing to this standard now, imagine what they can do a few years from now,” Ms Amijee said. 

“Among these 28 could be the next big Australian authors.” 

Near the end of the book launch, one more surprise was revealed to the excited young authors; their books will be exhibited in the Nambucca Heads Library for everyone to see next year.

Senior Librarian Wes McQuillan was instrumental in arranging the display. 

“We will have them on display at the start of next year; it will be a good way to kick off the year,” Mr McQuillan said. 

With the conclusion of the program and the book launch, most of the students were already planning their next big projects.   

“Some are keen to write more and have started planning more books, which is great, we were trying to encourage them to read and write more,” Ms Amijee said. 

Principal Phil Maunder also had some wise words and encouragement for the budding young authors. 

“We are proud of all of you, you have tried your best and that is what is important. We hope to have fostered and developed a love of literature with this program,” he said.  

“This was a targeted initiative to extend learning and maximise progress.” 

While there was no firm date or plan in place yet, both Mr Maunder and Ms Amijee were open to rerunning the program. 

“We will be looking into something like this for the future,” Mr Maunder said. 

“I would be happy to do this again, I am grateful for this experience, full credit to the school,” Ms Amijee said. 

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