Telecommunications pole in Scotts Head caravan park

Nambucca Shire councillors were unanimous in their decision to grant consent for a WiFi pole to be built on council land in Adin Street, Scotts Head.

The site is presently leased to Reflections Holiday Parks and used as a caravan park with the proposed location of the telecommunication pole to the south of the amenities block.

The pole will be within an existing compound, which is surrounded by a 1.8m high colorbond fence. It will be a 16.5m single steel pole with a microwave dish of 1m diameter attached to the top with wifi antennas below the dish.

The development is ancillary to the caravan park and is therefore characterised as development for the purpose of a caravan park. 

Councillors Anne Smyth and John Ainsworth were absent from the November 29 meeting held at Eungai Creek Soldiers Hall.