Monster bull shark caught in Macleay by Nambucca fishing icon | photos

A massive 3.1m bull shark was caught in the Macleay River yesterday by commercial fisherman Jamie Cook, who says the river is full of sharks.

“I caught three sharks yesterday and saw another two this morning,” Mr Cook told the Macleay Argus.

“The numbers always increase this time of the year.”

The monster shark was the largest bull shark that Mr Cook has successfully captured but the avid fisherman said larger ones have gotten away.

“I have never got one that big before, I have caught a few in the past around the 2m mark but never anything this big,” Mr Cook said.

“It was a monster, an absolute beast.

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The bull shark was captured by a built shark set line and Mr Cook said it was too big for the boat.

“It was a major struggle to get the shark beside the boat,” he said.

“It was too big to pull aboard and had to be towed.

“The shark couldn’t be released as it was gut hooked.”

The monster was caught between Kemps Corner and the bamboos at Jerseyville.

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