The first in a trilogy about the Callahan clan

Just in time for Christmas, Karly Lane’s 13th book is out.

The Wrong Callahan is, of course, a love story but with plenty of twists to keep the reader turning the pages.

“This is actually the first in a trilogy I am working on about the Callahan clan,” Karly said.

“People are always asking me for sequels, so I’ve decided to do just that and write about this family of siblings in three installments.”

Set in the town of Rankin Springs in the NSW Riverina, Karly said she fell in love with the town on her 2017 visit to the area as Australia Day ambassador.

“It’s a lovely area – hopefully this book might help promote it to tourists in some small way.”

One particular theme that Karly returns to is that of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) suffered by so many of our returned service men and women. 

“I know I’ve touched on it a few times already in other books … that is because I am always struck by how many rural communities have been touched by war -every small town has a war memorial.

“In this story Lincoln is the son who left the land and joined the army … his character is a bit different and we see him grappling with the denial of those war demons.

“All my books are a bit different … I work hard not to fall into the trap of repeating things, it keeps it fresh for the readers, and also for me.”

Book number two of the trilogy is due out in May with the final one scheduled for December 2019.

“I am still really enjoying writing and Allen and Unwin are great to work with. My ideas come from so many places, but more than anything there are stories that want to be told that keep forcing their way out.”

Copies of The Wrong Callahan can be found in book shops and department stores or signed copies are for sale from Karly’s shop, Penny Lane, at 41 High St Bowraville. 

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