Nambucca Heads High School holds Movember parade | Photos

Last Friday saw the conclusion of Movember for another year and Nambucca Heads High School finished the month with a unique Movember celebration, a parade and a game of dodge ball. 

Teacher and former student of the school Matt Rumsey was integral in the organisation of the event which aimed to raise funds and awareness for men's health. 

“The school has been participating in Movember for years, we had something like this when I went to school here, but I’m responsible for this iteration of it. It started up last year, ” Mr Rumsey said. 

“Last year we had a parade, this year we have a parade, a game of dodgeball and Chris did his 60km run. Each year Movember is getting bigger and bigger.”

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Cost of entry was $1, that got children a moustache and a front row seat to see seven of their teachers parade in a variety of costumes, including a firefighter and a doppelganger for Queen frontman Freddy Mercury. 

“We get up and give the children a bit of a laugh, we suffer for a day, some men suffer for a lifetime with cancer and other health problems, its the least we can do,” Mr Rumsey said. 

“Last year we raised about $300 for Movember, this year we have about $1000 already, possibly more after the final tally is done. There has been a big jump this year, its great.”

The end of the event ran over into period five and saw a Teachers and students dodgeball game take place; the teams were divided into moustaches vs no moustaches. 

The rules were simple in the first game, the team that managed to knock over four strategically placed tennis ball cans would win, any player who was hit with a ball was out. The second game saw a new rule added, if a player managed to hit the opposite basketball backboard all their players who are out could return to the game. 

The final game had the added rule of hoop shots, whichever team could get the ball through the hoop would win the day. After three huge matches that saw some back and forth, constantly changing rules and a great deal of laughter, the Moustache team emerged victorious with a 3-0 clean sweep.  

At the conclusion of the event, both Mr Rumsey and 60km runner Chris Barnes agreed about the potential for next years Movember event.

“It will be more epic each year,” they both said. 

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