Letter: 2018 and the year that we lost our mind

THAT playful touch or hello gorgeous in the workplace,or elsewhere, even if unproven, is destroying the career of an ever increasing number of men.

Mud sticks. From a man’s perspective, if as a lady I resented some flirtatious attention, I would quickly make it obvious, rather than stand about and be groped. If he persisted and became aggressive, I would report the matter to my boss, or the police immediately, rather than wait years to lay a charge of sexual harassment, destroy someone’s life, and hopefully win a big financial settlement for something that was just a nonsense, or didn't even occur.

As a young man I would dream of being harassed, at 75, I still dream on. Men of means and holding positions of power should be nervous.

This gender and inequality rubbish is out of control. Tasmania is currently considering banning a child's sex on their birth certificate.

Another much flaunted furphy is that the fairer sex earn 23 per cent less than their male counterparts. I am always a strong advocate for equal pay for equal work, but the fact remains that most people work under an award system, and both men and women receive the same rate of pay, example secretary, nurse, teacher, police, etc. The imbalance would be that more men than women work in dangerous occupations,which often require the heavy lifting and attracts a higher rate of pay. Example secretary versus log feller.

This is changing as machines and technology replace muscle power, but there’s still a way to go on that one. Intellectually the ladies have it over their muscle bound counterparts, borne out by the fact that despite all efforts, man is yet to discover the inner workings of the female mind.

I speak to virtually no one who isn't disgusted by so much of this rubbish, pushed by a minute minority and promoted by a voracious media, and our gutless leaders carried along with the tide.

Masculinity and femininity once regarded as an attribute, now sadly being eroded from both sides. Will say, the CWA, have to become Country People’s Association?

Darcey Browning


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