Golf championships decided at Nambucca Heads

Nambucca Heads Golf Club champions Tahlia Waaka, Darcy Habgood and Gwen Maxwell
Nambucca Heads Golf Club champions Tahlia Waaka, Darcy Habgood and Gwen Maxwell



Paul O’Neill reports – a super turnout for social bowls last Thursday with four rinks of solid action on a beautifully prepared ‘big’ green. Be there this arvo for a crack at the jackpot that is now well over the $200 mark.

The Mixed Fours started on Saturday in searing conditions with wins to Lyn McKay, Gav Gallop, Tim Gardner and Geoff McKay over Roy Tape, Janine Fletcher, Gino Vitagliani and Bo McKay. The other game saw Steve Wellington (later subbed by Jim Armes), Tracey Armes, Dean Roe and Matt Hopper victorious over Mike McKenna, Beth Mitchell, Andy DalSanto and Greg Doolan. On Sunday Ken McKelvie, Ron Gleeson, June Summers and Paul O’Neill beat Sharyn Hay, Bob Mackay, Steve Johnson and Craig Doolan. Go Bowra!

Macksville Women

Thelma Scott reports – recently nine of our ladies went to Park Beach for the Westpac Helicopter fundraising day. It was letter ‘G’ day so we all went dressed in green and gold. Some had green and gold wigs and one of our ladies, Karen, made us all green and gold earrings which was very special. We then had a social game of bowls. then lunch.

Then Last Wednesday we had social bowls with a game of fours. With Ruth Flarrety as swinging lead, Joan Hosking, Barbara McBride and Judy Walker defeaed Audrey Tillbrook, Kaye Wood and Janet Poletti. The trophy winner was Ruth Flarrety.

Macksville Men

Doug Smith reports – last Thursday the results of the jackpot bowls were decided by the lowest winning margin which went to Roy Unterrrheiner, Brent Liddell and Keith McDonald from Bill Witt, Mike Hardinge and Ray Barry. The jackpot of $68 was not won. There was one game of Mixed Pairs Championships played: Doug Smith and Janet Poletti def Kelly Hardingham and Brendon Howard 25/22.

The results of Handicapped Singles played this week are Thelma Scott def Brian Nunn, 200/160, Tony Renshaw def Jye McAuliffe 200/ 180, Cliff Yager def Merc 200/163, Donna Soyka def Jess 200/163, Ken Grace def Col Fraser 200/182, Ross Patmore def Kaz Perry 200/180, Carol Turner def Leah 200/ 182.

On Sunday Macksville hosted South Grafton Ex-Services Bowling club in the annual Dunny Seat Challenge and for the first time in three years we were lucky enough to wrest the trophy away from them, winning 119/114 shots.

Nambucca Heads Men

Fred Pope reports – last Wednesday’s Club Selected Triples attracted a field of 44 bowlers.

The $15 winners were Danny Curran and Dennis Graham. Second place $10 winners were Ray Platt, Nev Phillips and Fred Pope. Third prize $5 winners were Margaret Flagg, Garry Mitchell and Ray Manser. Lucky losers’ $5 prize went to Mark Blackford and Geoff Hartmann. Lucky bowler was Garry Mitchell. The jackpot of $180 was not won.

Friday’s Nominated Men’s Triples attracted 66 bowlers. The $15 first prize winners were Mike Ryan, Bill Blair and Peter Hill . Second place $10 winners were Chris D’Elboux, Nev Phillips and Garry Mitchell. Third place $10 prize winners were Eric Kyle, Garry Tierney and Joe Franck. The lucky losers’ $10 prize went to Barry Redman, Peter Dawe and Errol Green. The $15 lucky bowler was John Hogarth. The jackpot of $240 was not won.

The Men’s Minor Singles Championship kicked off with two first round matches. D Curran (31) defeated J Reynolds (20). 2nd Round. M Bettanin (31) defeated D Curran (21). T Steele (31) defeated C D’Elboux (17). M Blackford (32) defeated B Miernik (25). T Snowden (31) defeated P Dawe (29). A Overton (31) defeated P McRitchie (30). F Pope (31) defeated A Cedelland (17). O Smith (34) defeated T Reynolds (27).

Quarter-finals to be played on Saturday.

Scotts Head Men

Gary Bishop reports – on Sunday we played a whole day of championship bowls: the fours semi-final in the morning and the final in the afternoon. Pat Kemp's team managed to overcome Gary Dallwitz' team in the semi-final to then face the team of Bart Scrivener, Peter Bishop, Tyrone Webber and Hagop Aladjadjian in the final. Hagop's team were too consistent and won convincingly 25-11.

Rink winners on Saturday were S Woodroft and R Dyson while the consolation prizes went to M Coombs and K Liddell.

Urunga Minor Pairs Lynne Tarrant, Isabel Pettit

Urunga Minor Pairs Lynne Tarrant, Isabel Pettit

Urunga Women

Pat Chapman reports – congratulations go to the Urunga team of Lynne Tarrant, Lorraine Carlon and Ros Hancock on winning the inaugural Summer League competition. This is an initiative of Women's Bowls NSW, played in the twilight hours throughout the summer months and is sure to become popular among the clubs.

Congratulations also go to Lynne Tarrant and Isabel Pettit who defeated Bev Cloake and Ros Hancock 23/13 in the final of the Minor Pairs. This was a close fought match with only a point between the pairs until the last couple of ends when Lynne and Isabel shot ahead to seal a win.

Urunga was represented at the South Tamworth Fours Carnival with the team of Kath McPhail, Brenda Fane, Shirley Willis and Isabel Pettit taking out third place behind Park Beach and Woolgoolga.

Consistency games are well underway with the following results: Jo Bathgate defeated Ros Hancock 150/129, Leeanne Reid defeated Elaine Cameron 150/110, Helen Hoffman defeated Irene Algar 150/130, Lorraine Carlon defeated Gloria Christian 150/123, Bev Cloake defeated Judy Rowe 180/112, Kath McPhail defeated Julie Burgess 150/170, Helen Hoffman defeated Joy Lambert 150/115, Bev Cloake defeated Robyn Adams 150/101.

Urunga women bowlers send their heartiest congratulations to their president Jo Bathgate and husband Tubby on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Summer League: Urunga's Lynne Tarrant, Lorraine Carlon and Ros Hancock

Summer League: Urunga's Lynne Tarrant, Lorraine Carlon and Ros Hancock



Julee Townsend reports – on Saturday the Monthly Medal was played. Winner J Armes 65 nett, runner-up P McNally 66 nett. Front nine T Consalves, back nine E McNally. Nearest to the pin 2nd/11th J Armes, 8th/17th J Townsend. Longest putt: 5th/14th J Consalves, 7th/16th P Wenban. Balls: P Mulveena, M Oldham, T Simpson, T Noble.

Mid North Coast Veterans

Colin Cutts reports – last Tuesday, 110 golfers competed at Nambucca Island Golf Course in the second round of the club championships, in conjunction with a stableford event, with the course being in excellent condition..

A grade: Winner Steve McNeil 39pts, 1st runner-up Bruce Wallace 37 c/b, 2nd runner-up David Poulter 37.

B grade: Winner David Salvin 37 c/b, 1st runner-up Maurice Davies 37 c/b, 2nd runner-up Christopher Tinson 37.

C grade: Winner Peter Lawrance 41, 1st runner-up Kevin Cross 40, 2nd runner-up Tom Lindsay 39.

NTPs: 5th John Hadden, 8th Lee Sharma, 13th Neil Thomas, 18th Dennis Ryan. Ball run to 33pts.

Nambucca Heads Women

Jen Forne reports – the Nambucca Ladies Champion for 2018 has been decided and it was Darcy Habgood who won with 221 shots over 54 holes. B Grade champion is Tahlia Waaka with 298 and C Grade champion is Gwen Maxwell with 333.

The Monthly Medal round was played last Wednesday. Kerrie Jackson won A Grade on a countback from Maxine Townsend with 76. Tahlia Waaka won B Grade with 70 nett from Mary Rees 73, and Linda Fuller won C Grade with 77 from Gwen Maxwell 78. Medal putting Tahlia Waaka with 26.

Nearest the pins day 1: 5th Darcy Habgood and Peta Giddey, 13th Gwen Maxwell and Pro Pin Sue Seymour.Day 2: 5th Lyn Grose, Lillian Lukins and Peta Giddey, 13th Angela Paton and Pro Pin Denise Paluch. Day 3: 5th Robyn Jones, 13th Darcy Habgood and Pro Pin Henny Oldenhove.


Nambucca Valley

Noel Howard reports -  Monday October 29, 30 players. N/S: Gayle Keenan and Noel Howard 69.10%, Stephen and Amber Fox 58.33%, Chris Holliday and Judie Bartley 52.08%. E/W: Maureen Cowan and Carol McKee 57.14%, Gus Gorissen and Stuart Thorne 55.95%, Cherylene and John Stimpson 53.57%.

Tuesday October 30, 16 players. Howell: Caitlin Holman and Rob Marshall 64.88%, Slavomir Skokan and Barbara Box 60.71%, Maureen Cowan and Haidee Purkiss 58.93%.

Thursday November 1, 36 players. N/S: Colin Tolley and Pauly Griffin 60.19%, Pete Rundle and Noel Howard 58.56%, Gayle Keenan and Maureen Cowan 51.16%. E/W: Richard Levy and Gillian Buganey 61.57%, Mike Siford and David Alexander 57.87%, Daphne Priestley and Jeff Wainwright 52.55%.

Saturday November 3, 26 players. N/S: Helen Rowsell and Noreen Cork 59.29%, Gayle Keenan and Gillian Buganey 52.86%, John and Cherylene Stimpson 52.86%. E/W: Carol McKee and Daphne Priestley 63.75%, Colleen Robertson and Maureen Cowan 53.75%, Ali and Neil Tupper 53.75%.

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