Nambucca Strikers presentation nights | photos

Anna Champion

Anna Champion

THE NAMBUCCA Strikers Football Club has reflected on season 2018 at its annual presentation ceremonies.

The Seniors was held at the major sponsor venue Golden Sands Tavern and the Juniors was held at the club sponsor venue of Nambucca Bowls Club. 

The Strikers thank both venues for their hospitality.

Under 6s

Best & Fairest: James Jarrett-Crooks

Most Improved: Arlo Wilkins

Coaches’ Award: Lacey Cruikshank

Under 7s

Best & Fairest: Sunny Coleman

Most Improved: Chase Weaver

Coaches’ Award: Dakota Leek

Under 8s Red

Best & Fairest: Tiegan Forrester

Most Improved: Nakeyah Mackney

Coaches’ Award: Bella Mckay

Under 8s Blue

Best & Fairest: Maddison Welsh

Most Improved: Felix Climpson

Coaches’ Award: Thomas Williams

Under 9s Red

Best & Fairest: Archie Urquhart

Most Improved: Annalee Jarrett-Crooks

Coaches’ Award: Asher Wilkinson

Under 9s Blue

Best & Fairest: Payton McMurray

Most Improved: Billy Scott

Coaches’ Award: Layla Smith

Under 10s Red

Best & Fairest: Ella Rogers

Most Improved: Matilda Menzies

Coaches’ Award: Saffron Knight

Under 10s Blue

Best & Fairest: Lior Daley

Most Improved: Jundamir Sultan-Georges

Coaches’ Award: Elijah Dixon

Under 11s Red

Best & Fairest: Dylan Birks

Most Improved: Patrick Goodwin

Coaches’ Award: Ashton Herbert

Under 11s Blue

Best & Fairest: Hamish Scott

Most Improved: Tyler Lane

Coaches’ Award: Bradley English

Under 12s

Best & Fairest: Joshua Monaghan

Most Improved: Malaekai Dixon

Coaches’ Award: Alex Habgood

Under 15s

Best & Fairest: Kai Allan

Most Improved: Zac Baldwin

Coaches’ Award: Maliq McGrath

Under 17s

Best & Fairest: Travis Hayden

Most Improved: Zac Mackenzie

Coaches’ Award: Daniel Garland

Men's 2nd Div

Best & Fairest: Ethan Hocking

Most Improved: Ben Mander

Coaches’ Award: Brad Wilkes

Men's 3rd Div

Best & Fairest: Kieran Herring, Most Improved: Buster Faulkner, Coaches’ Award: Riley Hayden

Women's 2nd Div

Best & Fairest: Cheree Chapman

Most Improved: Breanne Tasker

Coaches’ Award: Zara Pastega

Women's O30s

Best & Fairest: Jenna Welsh, Most Improved: Dannielle Rhind, Coaches’ Award: Cressida Usher

MOST OUTSTANDING TEAM: Women's 2nd Division, Coach: Clay Urquhart

MOST IMPROVED TEAM: U15s, Coach: Grant Martin


COACH OF THE YEAR: Grant Martin, U15s

Garth Watson Memorial GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR: Ben Honeybrook

Jim Bagnell Memorial CLUB PERSON OF THE YEAR; Keith Williams

Goswell Trophy ​MEN's PLAYERS’ PLAYER AWARD: Llogan Greenup-Stokes

Senior ladies Player of the year Award: Anna Champion


LIFE MEMBER No.15: Graeme Paix

Jo Deans Memorial Shield, Most outstanding & Inspirational Female Club Person of the year: Keily Chase

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