Kay Brougham celebrates 70th birthday

SOME of the Nambucca Valley’s long established families came together this afternoon at Valla to celebrate the 70th birthday of Kay Brougham.

Kay is among many things a rusted on South Sydney Rabbitohs fan and a staunch supporter of the Valla Rural Fire Service brigade, where her husband Peter is the veteran and decorated captain.

Among their many children is RFS Inspector Michael, and it befell to him to host the shindig – where he could also showcase his recent endeavours at hand-stacking gabion rock in some drainage channels.

The families present included the Lambies, Marriotts and Vowles – plus adopted kin in a circle of friends.

The tables groaned with homemade salads while Rodney Ford was quick to commandeer the tongs at the hot plate.

“How do you want these cooked, medium rare,” Rodney asked, between flips and prods, before Michael Brougham shot back: “I don’t think that’s possible with minute steaks”.

Enjoy the gallery.

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