Nambucca Heads Library hosted a Beyblade Burst

The ‘battle tips’ spin says winning means ‘strategizing when designing and choosing your Beyblade Burst top for each battle’.

Move over the Fidget Spinner … here is the latest new ‘thang’ for kids! 

These blade-edged spinning tops are what you collect now if you want to be cool – there are Energy Layers and Forge Discs that light up in your favourite colour when you rip them into the Beystadium.

This morning (Wednesday) a happy clutch of kids gathered in Nambucca Heads Library to compete in bursts with each other.

Overseen by Hayley Laraghy, the enthusiasm was red hot, as were the cheers of the winners.

Exhorted to be graceful losers and humble winners, help was offered to beginners, including mother Kelly D’Elboux who took on Hollie Pozza in a final round.

Three, two, one, let it rip – great school holiday fun!