NSW Greens call for more action by State Government

The IPCC’s Special Report outlines a climate catastrophe of unprecedented scale and impact on communities and nature if global warming is permitted to rise by more than 1.5 degrees.

The scientific consensus found:

·         all coral reefs would be unlikely to survive global warming of 2 degrees, including the Great Barrier Reef;

·         sea level rise would be about 10cm less at 1.5 degrees; and

·         an increased risk of long-lasting or irreversible changes at 2 degrees, including the loss of more species and ecosystems.

In terms of fossil fuels, the report finds coal use for electricity must be virtually eliminated by 2050 if the 1.5-degree limit is to be met.

Greens Energy and Resources Jeremy Buckingham said the IPCC Special Report was a call to arms.

“The coming decade is critical in the fight to protect the people we love and our planet from dangerous climate change,” Mr Buckingham said.

“That’s why the Greens policy is to phase out coal mining in NSW in the next 10 years. The science of this report makes it clear that we cannot continue to burn coal and protect the climate.

“The failure by the Federal Government to have a credible climate or energy policy means that NSW must implement its own climate and energy policies.

“Victoria, Queensland, the ACT and South Australia all have credible climate and energy policies already.”

“The next few years will be history defining. This government and the next can either fiddle while the climate heats beyond our control, or they can transform our community, economy and natural world by phasing out coal and powering our world by renewable energy.

“This transformation will bring with it great opportunities for new jobs and innovative technologies. Australia can transition away from being a quarry and lead the way on renewable innovation, exporting our science, know-how and clean solar power fuel to the world.

“Climate and energy policy will be at the top of the March 2019 state election.”

IPCC Special Report on impact of global warming of 1.5 degrees online here: http://www.ipcc.ch/report/sr15/