15 classic tv ads to take you back a few decades

15 rural tv ads to take you back a few decades

If you were watching commercial television in regional Australia in the 1980s and early 90s there is no doubt at least one of these jingles, lines or scenes is burned into your brain.

Yep, advertising was a little less polished on regional tv in those days.

It was a time when the store owner would round up the kids, the staff, or anybody they could find to sing a tune (not in tune) or stand in front of the camera at say a line (even if they looked like a deer in headlights) just to get the message out there.

Be it cheap doors, computers, or ads for agricultural produce like corn or sugar – these ads had that little something that will make you remember them until the end of time.

Take the walk down memory lane:

Now if you don’t think BnS balls and milk are a good mix, you are wrong. As this ad from the early 90s goes to show. In fact milk will win you all the ladies and give you all the energy you need:

Sticking with the better polished-agricultural product ads, I think everybody remembers McCains ‘Super Juicy’ corn advert:

Now here’s a tune you’ll all remember from this early 1980s Toohey’s Country Special Beer ad:

And while we are on the topic of tunes, if you were chasing a door on the NSW South Coast, or even if you weren’t, you’ve probably still got this stuck in your head:

Cheap Doors

But if that singing wasn’t good enough for you, don’t despair, there was a Christmas edition too!

Christmas doors

Sticking south of Sydney in the Wollongong area and this gem was one of many that used the “Windang Road, Windang” jingle that every local would have known off by heart.

(Also, take a moment to enjoy that awesome computer)

Computer Town Australia

Back on country scenes and back with beer, you might remember this XXXX ad from 1988, which features a  catchy tune at the end:

Chasing sugar? You’d remember this ‘Hello Sunshine’ number from 1988:

and onto lawn mowing sheep, here is a great ad from Mentos:

And of course, this ripper ad from Toyota, which is surely the best Hilux ad thus far:

Get the feels going with this Nescafe ad from the early 1990s which reminds you the only way to get people talking on a farm verandah is with a cuppa:

And here’s a jingle that’s so good it is still gracing our tv screens to this day:

Do you remember the notice board? No? Well let us refresh your memory:

And while not strictly an ad, there is no way we could forget Prime Possum who was putting us all to bed for years:

Then again, you might have only got the ABC at your place back in the day and all those ads were new! So for you, here’s a Peter Russell Clarke clip: