Students celebrate end of term with Christopher Robin movie night at Nambucca

Last Thursday night (27th), Macksville Public School stage one students went to Majestic Cinemas Nambucca to watch the movie Christopher Robin

The movie was all about how Christopher Robin grew up, moved away and forgot about his toys. Because all of his toys missed him so much, Winnie the Pooh set off into London to look for him. 

Once Christopher Robin was found, and all the rest of his toys were too, he tried to get back to his job, but realised that he was so caught up in it that he had forgotten to spend time with his loved ones.

Christopher decided that his family and friends were much more important than his job, and he needed to relax more. Like Winnie the Pooh said, ‘doing nothing often leads to a very good something’. 

Christopher Robin will be playing at Majestic Cinemas Nambucca until 10 October.

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