How to send us your community news

We want to make it easy for you to keep in touch with us, so we can tell all the stories that matter to the community.

Whether it’s to share news about: 

  • a recent wedding or baby announcement 
  • notices for upcoming not-for-profit events
  • a story from your local community group or school
  • sports news and results 
  • or photos from a local event 

You can now send it to us via the Guardian News website online forms.

Here's a quick guide to help find the forms for submitting community news.

Submissions may be used online and in print for the Guardian News and may also be used in the Hibiscus Happynings and Mid Coast Observer.

1. Click on ‘Community’ in the main menu 

2. Then click on ‘Send us your news’ in the sub menu under ‘Community’. 

3. Choose the type of news you want to share and fill in the form provided.

Head over to Send us your news to get started!


We look forward to hearing from you.