Bowra children's families ‘devastated’ at court ruling

Michelle (Lulu) Jarrett is struggling to process today's crushing decision
Michelle (Lulu) Jarrett is struggling to process today's crushing decision

The families of the three Bowraville children are shattered after NSW's highest court rejected the State Government’s application for a retrial of the man suspected of their alleged murders.

Evelyn’s aunt, Michelle (Lulu) Jarrett has just spoken with the Guardian News about the ruling.

“Devastated! So confused! I’ve got to get out of this city – it’s all too much,” she said.

When asked how her sister, Rebecca, was handling the news, she said “she’s not”.

“She’s gone! She’s just so confused – she just doesn’t understand any of it. I mean 28 years of fighting and it’s over in...what…10, 15 minutes? What was it all for?”

Other family members were understandably too distraught to talk to the media at this point in time.

Closing the gap?

Closing the gap?

From Australian Associated Press:

The NSW government has lost its bid to have a man go to trial for murdering three Aboriginal children in Bowraville nearly 30 years ago.

The 52-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons, was previously acquitted at separate trials of murdering two of the children - Evelyn Greenup (4), and Clinton Speedy-Duroux (16) - in late 1990 and early 1991.

The NSW government had argued that there was fresh and compelling evidence - relating to the disappearance of a third child, Colleen Walker, around the same time - to justify the overturning of the acquittals and the ordering of a retrial.

But this morning the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal found that this evidence was available at one of the trials and that he could not be retried in the other case as it was not open to the government to change its original application.

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