Spring in Bendigo is one of the best times to get Out & About as there is so much to see and do in this goldfields city

Bendigo Swap Meet has always been a huge drawcard for scrap idols, or those looking for a rusty treasure. Check out the November dates in the Out & About calendar.
Bendigo Swap Meet has always been a huge drawcard for scrap idols, or those looking for a rusty treasure. Check out the November dates in the Out & About calendar.

SPRING is the time Mother Nature celebrates the rebirth of all things - birds, plants and the seasons in particular.

In our beautiful city of Bendigo, spring is a great time with so many events centred around food, wine, fashion and music, and you can read all about it here in our spring Out & About magazine.

It’s where the delicate white and pink blossoms burst forth and mix it with the golden dazzle of wattle, wild flowers bloom after the winter rains and every weather season appears to happen, in the one day!

Living in such an historic city, with its heritage architecture and familiar streetscapes, you can sometimes forget the magnificence of it all.

It’s only when you see your home town through a tourist’s eyes that you consciously take a second look at the wonderland of experiences Bendigo offers.

The fernery in Rosalind Park

The fernery in Rosalind Park

Sure we give a nod to the world’s greatest gold rush, where people from across the globe came to ‘seek their fortune’ - Bendigo was the richest city in the world between 1850 and 1900.

As an inheritance it can’t be beaten, and as a community we’re conscious of not squandering any of it. After all, the sheer atmosphere of all this history attracts the young at heart to try their hand at new adventures too.

Bendigo’s 30,000 tulips in the conservatory gardens, are a picturesque blend of our history.

Those brash colourful tulips along Pall Mall

Those brash colourful tulips along Pall Mall

They are brash newcomers intent on making a show for the old-timers, while soothing the tree-changers who have their own ideas about what an ecologically sound city should look like. It’s an amazing explosion of colour and design.

While the tourists to our city don’t see the sea changes on a short visit, when they take a tram ride, visit Sun Loong or the Bendigo Pottery, they absorb the atmosphere, the excitement of things happening, and go away invigorated in turn.

Up to the minute offerings, indeed the latest in modern shows include the White Night Bendigo and the Enlighten Festival, which is set to light up the city with projections and artistic performances. It’s another ‘not to be missed’ for your diary.

A banquet, indeed a veritable gormandising display of food and wine celebrations includes Bendigo Uncorked Week, Heathcote Wine and Food Festival, and Vegecarien.

Heathcote on Show is on this spring

Heathcote on Show is on this spring

We live in one of Victoria’s largest and most-awarded wine producing regions. With more than 60 boutique cellar doors, we’re known for our award winning Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. A visit to a local vineyard can often result in a heart-warming chat with the winemaker about their latest vintage.

The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion hosts the Vegecareian Festival where you can enjoy various activities and stalls, and sit in on cooking demonstrations and veggie gardening workshops.

A visit isn’t complete without a sampling of the region’s wines and food. Heritage Uncorked and Heathcote’s Wine and Food Festival are just some of the many ways to experience our local tastes and textures.

And then there’s the music, food for the soul. Celebrated throughout the city, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory music and the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival is sure to gladden the hearts of music lovers everywhere. The Blues & Roots Festival, run by big hearted volunteers each year, is a four day celebration of uplifting melodies.

The Regional Centre of Culture has a great range of events in Bendigo, such as Poppet, Demolish and Yapenya.  You can see the details here http://rcc2018.com/program-highlights/

If you’re feeling virtuous after all that good clean living information, then book in for the Bendigo Bank Fun Run in November. The fundraising event is open to all fitness levels with both walking and running events from 5km and up. The course is set within the Bendigo CBD amongst the historic buildings which showcases the beautiful city.

As the days warm up, explore your Bendigo and discover anew its hidden treasures.

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