Macksville Public School celebrates Book Week 2018

The imaginative force was strong in this lot yesterday as jedi masters combined strengths with lego men to take on Book Week 2018.

There were a few wild cards at the Blue School parade yesterday; some joint operations were in place producing trios of blind mice, and little piggies, and a pair of kombi-cruisin’ hippies.

J.K. Rowling’s power over a whole generation of minds doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon, with a huge Hogwarts contingent at this year’s event, including a few Luna Lovegood doppelgangers and a cameo by Dobby, himself.

And old favourites from the likes of Lewis Carroll, Astrid Lindgren, and even R.L.Stine seem to never go out of fashion.

Congratulations students (and quick-thinking parents) on a fantastical homage to the lyrical land of literature.

Please enjoy a gallery of your handiwork.

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