Nambucca Motor Registry Office to relocate in transition to Service NSW centre

The MacDonalds shell is pretty well set up for a refit.
The MacDonalds shell is pretty well set up for a refit.

Rumours were swelling last week about where the Nambucca Motor Registry might be moved to when it changes to a Service NSW centre later this year.

The idea behind service centres is that they are a ‘one-stop shop’ for many different government services, including Births Deaths and Marriages, Fair Trading, Housing NSW, Revenue NSW, along with the Roads and Maritime services that registry offices offer.

What is certain, is that the size of the space in the Seascape Plaza which houses the current Motor Registry office is inadequate for the expansion of services.

There was speculation online that the abandoned MacDonalds site at the Nambucca Plaza was being touted as the chosen location.

But others chipped in that they’d heard the Plaza was being eyed off, but not necessarily the Maccas site.

The Government is still keeping its cards close to its chest after Guardian News made enquiries into the veracity of the rumours.

“The location of the new centre is yet to be decided. Service NSW is reviewing its options which include a premises in the Nambucca Plaza. The community will be kept informed,” a Service NSW spokesperson said.

We pounded the pavement to hear your ideas about the relocation.

Most we talked to were in agreement that one of the old fast food sites would make a good option, and many were hard-pressed to think of any other viable locations in Nambucca Heads itself.

Daniel Fletcher, who works at the Plaza, was hesitant to give an opinion after only just hearing about it from us.

“But yeah, that Maccas is just sitting there doing nothing,” he said.

Anne Joyce agreed, adding that the carparking facilities at the MacDonalds site would help to alleviate congestion much more than if it were placed inside the Plaza, like in the former newsagency space.

“And maybe they could offer hamburgers on the side,” she joked.

“I think the most important thing is that they don’t take it away from the area. This community has lost enough already. And the ANZ will be going soon, too.”

One man, who preferred not to be named, said he wouldn’t be surprised if they “packed up and shipped it off to Macksville – you know, maybe they’ll put it in that Department Store building”.

“They say they’ll keep it here, but I wouldn’t trust that lot as far as I could throw ‘em.”