Weekend forecast for Nambucca Valley

Get those logs piled high and those woollen socks handy, Nambucca Valley; this weekend we’re in for a frosty time.

With the sky clear and bright throughout the weekend, it also means there is no cloud cover to trap in latent heat and moisture.

What does this mean? Expect the coldest mornings this year so far.

Those further inland, as per usual, will be in for the lowest temps over the weekend, with a minimum of two degrees being forecast for Bowraville on both Saturday and Sunday around sunrise.

Macksville isn’t much warmer, just inching up one degree centigrade on Bowraville.

While the coastal proximity pays off for Nambucca with a low of five degrees around 6.30am on both days this weekend.

We at Guardian News are looking forward to some mulled wine and soup in front of the largest heat source available.

How are you planning to survive this weekend?