Bellingen's winter music festival to include Bello LeaF eco-learning workshops

The 4th annual Bello LeaF (learning festival) is back again as part of the Bello Winter Music Festival this weekend from July 13-15.

As festival-goers have come to expect, LeaF workshops cover a rich and exciting array of eco-learning topics, facilitated by passionate local presenters. This years’ festival sees a diverse array of events from nine different organisations on behalf of the Bellingen Shire Learning Alliance (BSLA) and the newly established Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub (CCRSH).

LeaF events are free to Bello Winter Music ticket holders, or non-ticket holders are welcome to join by donation at the event.

Join in our nature connection workshops with Primitive Fire Making, the Bugs of Bellingen, or Edible and Medicinal Weeds. Or find peace and healing with morning Yoga and Meditation workshops. 

The Bello LeaF Primitive Fire Workshop will be held this Friday from 3-4.30pm at the Bello Winter Music Festival from July 13-15.

The Bello LeaF Primitive Fire Workshop will be held this Friday from 3-4.30pm at the Bello Winter Music Festival from July 13-15.

Get inspired with presentations from a variety of wonderful local sustainability initiatives such as The Great Koala Park Project, Running a Buy Local Campaign by the Bellingen Chamber of Commerce, Towards a Zero-Emissions Bellingen Shire by the Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance, or Citizen Science and Turtles by OzGreen.

A highlight of this year’s festival will be Spirit - Listen to the Land, brought to us by the Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub. At this exciting event, Gumbaynggirr language teacher Michael Jarrett, Eco-priest Jason John, and Buddhist teacher Will James, join in discussion with local geologist Mark Graham to explore how geology, spirituality, and language flow together to create knowledge and culture.

The BSLA is also very excited to announce the Bellingen Playback Theatre Company joining us for the first time this year. Their performance, Loving and Living on Planet Earth, explores the story of relationship, love or even disconnection to this planet we call home.

Find practical tips for your ‘Plastic-Free July’ journey with the Make your own Plastic Free Personal Products workshop by Waste Not Bellingen or the Empower yourself to be Plastic Neutral talk by local eco-warrior Louise Hardman from the Plastic Collective. Louise has developed the Shruder - a mobile machine that recycles single use plastics into valuable items.

There’s something for everyone at this year’s LeaF Festival. Looking forward to having you join us!

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