Officials respond to the Warrell Creek Highway opening

The pomp and circumstance of the official opening of the Pacific Highway at Warrell Creek could never do justice to what this day really means to those who have existed in the shadow of this project for years.

The following clips are video interviews with a few of the men and women whose lives have been inextricably linked to the new highway over the past few decades.

Dr Ray Jones was one of the main instigators in accelerating the upgrade process after a 2012 road tragedy claimed the life of a young boy in Urunga.

RFS Deputy Group Captain for the zone and Warrell Creek’s Trevor Baxter knows this highway won't stop every crash, but he hopes to see the numbers greatly reduced.

Former Member for Cowper, Garry Nehl, was elected in 1985 on a campaign for a four-lane dual-carriageway highway from Hexham to Queensland. Interview by Jess Wallace

Mel Pavey MP and Senior Project Manager Chris Clark talk about the drama and delights in building this new highway.

What the new highway means to our local ambulance officers. Interview by Jess Wallace

Short and to the point: Chief Inspector Guy Flaherty is chuffed the new highway is finally open from Coffs to Port. Interview by Jess Wallace

Local Federal Member Luke Hartsuyker can see nothing but bright times ahead.