Saving endangered species in the Nambucca Valley

Over the past three years environmental works involving the control of large woody weed species have been undertaken on the coastal sea cliffs between Scotts Head village in the Nambucca Shire and the Kempsey Shire Council boundary to the south.

Funding was supplied to the Nambucca Shire Council by the NSW Environmental Trust and the North Coast Local Land Services to reduce the impact of Bitou Bush and large woody weeds on an endangered population of Native Legume, the Glycine Clandestina (broad leaf form) that is only known to grow in the Themeda grass headlands just to the south of Scotts Head village. 

Little is known about the intricate link this discrete little creeper has within the bio-diversity of the coastal head land communities, but its preservation and the maintenance to the threatened ecological community (coastal Themeda grass land on sea cliffs) in which it exists, is a great step in assisting bio-diversity conservation on the Mid North Coast.

Keegan Noble is a site leader on Nambucca Shire Council’s Green Space Team with a priority role as the invasive plants officer and natural area manager. Working closely with Nambucca Valley Land Care, Keegan provides information and advice to local land owners about environmental awareness and management, including identifying noxious weeds in the area and how to manage them. For advice from Keegan, contact council on 6568 2555.