Sound Spirit Yoga: ​For body, mind and spirit

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Karen has been teaching a holistic style of Hatha yoga for over 10 years and has been involved with yoga for over 22 years.  

She has a depth of knowledge in many of the different branches of yoga including yoga philosophies, meditation techniques, pranic (life energy) awareness techniques, yoga postures (asana) and specialised breathing techniques (pranayama). 

Each class is a journey that takes you from the gross to subtle awareness using a unique sequence of the following stages:

  1. Discussion on yogic themes/concepts for reflection and personal growth.
  2. Yoga postures (asanas) to strengthen and protect the body from ailments.
  3. Specific breathing practices to increase vitality, breath capacity, mental focus and to balance the functioning of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  These practices also prepare the mind for deeper meditation and relaxation.
  4. Meditation or deep yoga Nidra (relaxation).

Karen has a tremendous ability to support and accommodate beginners or those experiencing physical/mental obstacles to some of the practices.  The classes are suitable for all levels and abilities and are held on Thursdays from 10am to 11.30am at the Nambucca Headland Hall.  

Each term Karen introduces a theme to explore through the class. 

Themes are broad and various and could be based on the philosophical aspects of yoga, learning how to integrate yoga into daily living or techniques to deepen meditation or establish a deeper connection to the practices. 

This term the theme is more on the anatomy and physiology of the hips and lower back regions and how imbalances in these areas can be addressed through yoga and self-awareness.

Karen is now offering a special for new students. All new students will receive their second class free.  Classes are not available during school holidays, however, additional events and classes are usually available over the Christmas holidays.  

Call Karen on 0408 794 920, bookings are not necessary.