Uses for potato that don't include your mouth

What better time to examine the many uses of the humble potato than in the lead up to the annual Crookwell Potato Festival.

You can mash them, boil them, bake them and fry them, but did you know you can find many uses for potatoes that don’t involve your mouth? 

Here are a few:

1) Soothe a burn 

A slice or a small amount of grated potato can help soothe a minor burn. After using water, peel and slice or grate potato and apply to the affected area.

2) Potato stamps

You can cut a potato in half and use a knife to cut out the desired shape. Stamp it in some paint and off you go. 

3) Help relieve puffy eyes

Cucumber is often thought of as the go to vegetable to help soothe puffy eyes, but potato works just as well. Slice it thinly, place it on your closed eyes and lean back and relax.

4) As a shiner

Potato works great to shine the silverware. You can either rub it on directly or soak them in water that has been used to cook them.​

5) A cure for curry hands 

Have you been grating turmeric or chopping beetroot? Rub your skin with potato to help remove the stains.

6) As geranium fertiliser

Sprinkle shredded potato around geraniums to give them a boost.​

Picture: Supplied.

Picture: Supplied.

7) Safely remove a broken light bulb

Ever had a light bulb shatter in a socket? You can press half a potato into the glass and unscrew safety. 

8) To make a battery 

A copper coil, a galvanized nail and some aligator clips can make a nifty little science experiment. 

It can even be used to power a small digital clock!

9) A rust remover

Rub half a potato on some rusty tools to help remove the rust.

10) Clean windows

A  raw, uncooked potato can be used to clean a window. Keep a clean cloth handy to wipe off the excess juice.

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