Delays to Mann St road upgrade

It's a bumpy ride into town on the best of days.
It's a bumpy ride into town on the best of days.

The goat track lives on!

And Nambucca Heads will have to wait a couple more months for the worst section of its main thoroughfare into town to be repaved.

I know what you’re thinking: 

The problem arose when contractors discovered weaknesses in the underlying sub-surface of the road, when testing was done in January this year.

“During pavement design, geotechnical investigations have identified sub-pavement issues (i.e. the area immediately below the road). These sub-pavement issues are due to variability in soil and are not uncommon, but do need to be addressed during construction works,” council’s acting assistant general manager for engineering services Clint Fitzsummons said.

Road surfaces generally need replacing every 10-20 years, whereas the pavements can last up to 60 years, depending on usage, material and water seepage.

The last time the Mann St sub-surface was checked was post-bypass; just after that road was handed back to the council in the 80s.

“Mann Street is a high use road of an age where both the pavement and the surface are approaching the end of their life. As a result, Council has a multi-year programme to renew Mann St,” he said.

“This has received greater emphasis, due to the new highway interchange altering the way that people enter and exit Nambucca Heads.”

Clint said contractors are currently working in the Valla Beach area, but they’re due in Nambucca Heads next, and the section of the road between the roundabout and the service station are expected to be started next month.

Council’s contractors are expected to be working in the area in April (weather dependant) where the pavement will be rehabilitated and an initial surface placed. Before the end of June a new asphalt surface will be placed, and line marking will complete the project.

Clint Fitzsummons

However, because of the unforeseen complications, the targeted section might need to be truncated to fit within the allocated budget of $300,000 for the financial year.

But council has plans to continue repairing Mann St in the coming financial years until the whole road has been upgraded.

“Preliminary design and investigations have commenced for the next section of Mann Street from this section up to the reservoir,” he said.

The whole road is estimated to be completely redesigned, repaved and resurfaced in three to four years’ time.

So, if you haven’t already, it seems like it may be a wise move to invest in some decent shockies.