Hitched horses create a stir at Nambucca Heads | photos

IN DAYS long gone, it would barely have raised a second look, but two horses hitched to a rail outside a pub in the main street of Nambucca Heads this afternoon caused quite the fuss.

Locals and curious tourists reached for their phones, rather than their sidearms in a main street ‘draw’, to get selfies with the horses, Scarlet, Ruby, and to complete the scene, Polly the kelpie.

Riders Belinda White and Scott Kennedy are known in these parts – though they are from the neighbouring county of Macksville.

Belinda said they had floated the charges to Nambucca Heads, and then rode them into Bowra St before parking their steeds in Bowra St.

“We used to ride them into town all the time but haven’t for a while because Scarlet has just foaled,” she told the Guardian.

Along with the freshly painted water tower, and the Bowra St ceramics, Ruby and Scarlet were hot to trot for a selfie shot on a sleepy Saturday afternoon.