King tide meets ocean swell at Nambucca | photos

IT’S OFTEN bemoaned that the Nambucca River is so shallow in places that heavy men in a kayak frequently have to get out and walk.

Not so today. In fact, a king tide ensured the river was so high that the Queen Mary could have just about reached the new Macksville Bridge.

A powerful ocean swell was also in play, though while the surf was strong at Shelly Beach – proudly the eighth best beach in Australia – it was well shy of Hawaii Five-O standard.

But the upshot of the king tide was there for all to see. The river lapped over the causeway at The Island Golf Club, and parts of Bellwood Park also went acqua.

At Macksville, the river was to the banks in places, while at Swimming Creek there was a good flow in the normally pissant channel.

The marriage of king tide and queen swell brought royal challenges right across the coast.

Beaches across Sydney are expected to remain closed for at least the remainder of Wednesday after powerful swells prompted agencies to issue warnings about potentially hazardous surf conditions.

A southerly swell is gradually moved up the coast with beaches from the Far South Coast through to the Northern NSW expected to be impacted.

NSW Lifesaving manager Matt du Plessis is urging the public to be aware of the conditions and to only swim at a patrolled location.

“There is quite a powerful undertow off the coast presently, a lot of moving water and we’re seeing rip currents form at many Sydney beaches,” Matt said.

“That is why the beaches are closed, and we are strongly encouraging people to know their limitations and to stay out of the water if they have any doubts at all.”

Enjoy the gallery.