Two sightings of smoke but no fire in Nambucca Heads

When there’s smoke there’s fire...unless there isn’t.

Two separate occurrences of “smoke” in Nambucca Heads this morning caused a flurry of activity as fire crews rushed to investigate, and the public scrambled to snap photos. 

Nambucca Heads Fire and Rescue was called to the Island Golf Course this morning to investigate smoke coming from an air-conditioning unit at the clubhouse.

A Macksville Fire and Rescue and a Valla RFS crew also arrived on the scene where infra-red thermal imaging was used to try to locate the source of the smoke.

But nothing was found.

An hour later a crowd had formed at the Captain Cook Lookout to get a view of waves of thick “smoke” enveloping the coastline. 

The phenomenon was likely a rare ‘Morning Glory’ cloud formation, usually spotted much further north than the Mid North Coast.

The Morning Glory is an arcus cloud that can be up to 1,000km long, up to 2km high, and hangs low on the horizon.

In Burketown, where these clouds sometimes occur, the local Garrawa people called it kangólgi.

Enjoy the gallery snapped by Guardian News’ own Pieta Cooper.