South Arm Christmas party

Photo: Rohan Thomson
Photo: Rohan Thomson

THE SOUTH Arm Hall committee is gearing up again to run a community Christmas party.

And yes, the big fella with the white beard will be in attendance.

The venue is South Arm Hall, 1039 South Arm Rd, and the date is set for Saturday, December 23.

The festivities will get underway from 5.30pm and Santa is scheduled to touch down at 6 o’clock.

With the arrival of all the new children in the valley the organisers hope there is a big turnout for the big maarn in red.

This is a good time of the year to catch up with the local community and meet new friends and neighbours. It is also a chance for South Arm residents to reacquaint with locals whom they may not have seen since this event last year.

There will be a barbecue, and the cost is $5.

The committee asks that people bring a plate to share.

 All are welcome. Any queries call Anama 6564-7521 or Rhonda 6564-7190.